Gents Bevelled Edge Wedding Ring in 9 Carat Yellow Gold

£ 475.00

Exclusive to the Goldsmiths Wedding Ring Collection, this Bevelled Edge Gent’s Wedding Band is the perfect ring for any discerning groom. Crafted from 9 carat yellow gold, this classic ring has a two-tone effect, and features a band of brushed yellow gold in its middle, with highly polished edges creating a subtle contrast. Bevelled edges line the band of brushed metal, adding a sense of dimension and texture to this handsome ring. Yellow gold is the purest colour of all the coloured golds, and also requires the least amount of maintenance, meaning that this ring is designed to last a lifetime on your finger with very little upkeep required. Classic, elegant, and durable, this ring is the perfect way to commemorate the most special relationship of your life.

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